Liz working from a hammock

Part-time author 🪶⚓ Full-time pirate

Hi! I'm Liz. I'm a freelance writer, indie author, and full-time, off-grid, live-aboard sailor. I’m currently sailing around the world with my boyfriend and my dog, turning my real-life adventures into speculative fiction.

I am extremely grateful to be able to explore the world as I do, and I love incorporating the experiences, places, and people I encounter on my travels into my work.

I also use my books as a means to explore themes of mental health, addiction, technology, climate change, and the looming collapse of society (but, a fun way.)

When I'm not penning novels about the impending apocalypse, I work as a freelance content writer specializing in articles about code, music theory, and off-grid living. On the rare occasion I'm not writing, you can find me swimming, hiking, telling my dog I love her for the bazillionth time today, or watching Taskmaster.

Liz's boat Loki

Our floating home

We live on a 43ft Morgan Center Cockpit sailboat called Loki. We bought the boat in 2019 (just before the pandemic) after almost 6 years of work and planning. We didn't actually set out on our adventure until nearly two years later, in September of 2021.

Our journey began in Santa Cruz, CA. From there, we sailed down the Pacific Coast of the US into Baja California. We spent about a year in Mexico before continuing south through Central America (Guatamala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Hondurus, Costa Rica, and Panama.) In March of 2023 we came through the Panama Canal to the Caribbean.

Loki is a wonderful home, albeit a little small at times! We've never lived in a real house before anyway - all of our apartments have been studios - so we are used to sharing space. We live simply and with minimal expense and waste, procuring our own water and generating our own power from solar.

One of my favorite things about this way of life is the freedom it has given both of us to explore work we love. I have the time to build a career as a writer, while Trev has discovered an aptitude for marine electrician work and is also working on starting his own business.

Trev and Aloy sitting in Loki's cockpit

Meet the crew

Trevor Hope

Trev is the indispensible captain of this ship, without whom, let's face it, the whole operation really falls apart. He's an excellent sailor, outstanding electrician, and can fix just about anything. We've been together almost 15 years.

Aloy Bonesnatcher McGee

We rescued Aloy from GEPDA rescue in San Martin, CA in 2017. She came to us with some behavioral issues, including fear-based aggression toward strangers, which we still manage from time to time. In her maturing years (she is about 5 now) she's calmed down a lot. She is an amazing guard dog and once she gets to know a person, she is ride-or-die.

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